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Busy working women of Western New York – are you struggling to balance it all?

I get it - you feel like the day is constantly getting away from you thanks to your endless to-do list. Between work, errands, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids, it’s really easy to forget to take care of YOURSELF.

I’m Janine, a Certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist, and mom, and I’m on a mission to help women feel confident, empowered, and strong mentally and physically, all while having a loving family, a career, and everything else she wants in life, because you DESERVE to SHINE.

If you’re a woman who is COMMITTED to putting yourself first in 2019, I want to offer you one FREE 20-minute personal training session. In this session, we’ll take you through a workout based on YOUR goals and fitness level. Then, if you think it is a good fit, we will talk about working together in the future.  I want to help you feel strong, empowered, healthy, comfortable in your own skin, and confident that you CAN have it all!

Life is always going to be busy. We can help you fit time for yourself in and balance it all!

I will work with YOU and YOUR NEEDS to develop a training program to develop healthy LONG TERM results-driven routines and solutions. I will ensure that, as your trainer, I will provide support and solutions to your individual fitness struggles, all while providing tons of motivation, support, and accountability needed along the way.

Your wellness journey is personal, important, and you DESERVE to FEEL AMAZING.

If you are READY to feel your BEST inside and out, fill out the form above for your FREE complimentary training session and I will be in touch!